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Welcome! Develop with me!

I am building a game called Panzatier. It's a Top-Down sci-fi Roguelike written in Rust using the Bevy Engine. I have set up a CI Pipline to automatically deploy my current development progress to this blog using Web Assembly. It is very raw and sometimes may be broken, depending on what I am currently working on.


It's still at the beginning stages and I'm working on it when I have spare time. WebGL has its limits and some things like particles and compute shaders don't work in the browser. So this is a simpler version of the game. If you have any thoughts or ideas, drop me a note!

If you want to see more, checkout my devlogs on youtube! My latest video

Recent Articles

Particles Everywhere - Bevy Enoki

Release of my new 2D particle crate Enoki for the bevy engine. Featuring web based editor tooling and custom shaders. The perfect crate for targeting mobile and the web.

Bevy Game Jam #4

My entry for the Bevy Game Jam #4. Making a game in rust with the bevy engine in a one-week time frame. With the power of Wasm and Webgl You can play it in the browser!

Launching Evilreader beta

Releasing evilreader beta. An Ai based text-to-speech service that can be integrated into any website and comes with a simple audio player widget. Currently in beta for the german realm.