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Welcome to my blog!

I am currently working on a game called Panzatier. It's a Top-Down Roguelike with tanks written in Rust using the Bevy Engine. I set up a CI Pipline to automatically deploy my current development progress to this blog using Web Assembly:

Move with WASD, zoom with the mouse wheel.

It's still at the beginning stages, really just a basic example, and I'm working on it when I have spare time. WebGL has its limits and some things like particels and compute shaders don't work in the browser. So this is a simpler version of the game. If you have any thoughts or ideas, drop me a note!

If you want to see more, checkout my devlogs on youtube! My latest video

Recent Articles

Bevy Game Jam #4

My entry for the Bevy Game Jam #4. Making a game in rust with the bevy engine in a one-week time frame. With the power of Wasm and Webgl You can play it in the browser!

Launching Evilreader beta

Releasing evilreader beta. An Ai based text-to-speech service that can be integrated into any website and comes with a simple audio player widget. Currently in beta for the german realm.

Boids & Quadtrees

Quadtrees are data structures for holding spatial information with a complexity of log(N) for collision detection. These are the foundation of every physics engine. They are also great for boid simulations. Here is an example running in Wasm.